Maintenance and Repair

Our core competences are maintenance, repair and overhaul works of engines (main- and auxiliary engines), turbo chargers, winches, pumps, compressors, hydraulic equipment (e.g. cranes). We do pipe and steel works at sea as well as ashore in industrial plants such as concrete factories and brick production.

Our fi tting workshop is equipped with:

  • bending machine
  • rotary jars
  • 2 drilling machines
  • hydraulic press
  • several chain blocks up to 6t incl. ropes and slings
  • air-driven tools
  • heavy duty tools

Welding by certified employees:

  • built-up welding of exhaust, valves and seats
  • MIG / MAG
  • WIG
  • electrode and gas welding
  • hardfacing

Machining by experienced lathe operators:

  • 3 lathe-machines:
    up to 1000 mm in diameter and
    up to 3000 mm in length
  • jip-drilling machine:
    up to 800 mm
  • 2 milling machines:
    up tp 300 mm in diameter and
    up to 1500 mm in length


Voyage Repairs

With our highly skilled and well trained team we offer our services on a global basis 24/7. Our service technicians are specialized in voyage repairs to avoid off-hire times.

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Hire service

We provide a rental service for equipment for the maintenance and repair of ocean-going vessels, which makes this work easier and shortens the time required. The scope of service includes the delivery of the equipment to your portagent and after the completion of the work, we ensure the return transport. We are available by telephone for questions of handling and problem solving.


Liner Diameter Measuring – Instrument

  • For 2-Stroke Engines with a Bore from 500 – 980 mm
  • Liner diameter measuring without dismantling of cylinder- or valve casing-cover
  • Millimeter accurate determination of cylinder bearing wear and shape
  • 360° Degrees measuring of the liner up to 12 measuring heights
  • Possibility of 2 cylinder measurments in 3 hours
  • Quick result viewing of the measurement data via Excel sheet
  • Use of the unit can be carried out by TMH technicians or onboard staff


  • All instrument Datas are shown, here.

Technical equipment

We are a technical ship supplier serving several shipping companies in Germany. We provide warehouse capacity and take care of the entire supply chain (logistics, transport, customs) in view of spares and stores for vessels sailing worldwide.

  • Sulzer S20
  • MaK M20
  • SKL 29/24
  • Daihatsu 5DK20
  • Wärtsilä RTA 62U
  • MAN L70 MC
  • piston rods recon.
    • RTA62U, MAN L70MC
  • liner
    • RTA 62U, MAN L70MC
  • exhaust valve spindle
    • RTA 62U new or reconditioned
    • MAN L70MC reconditioned
  • IHI RH 143
  • IHI RH 183
  • KBB 4-3
  • ABB TPS 61D
  • ABB R181
  • Gasoutlet-housing
    • VTR 454 p/n 60000
  • Parts for NA57 / TM 71
    • nozzlering 513-001
    • clamping ring, two part 513-010
    • hexagon bolt 513-013
    • lock-washer, pair 514-014
    • hexagon bolt 513-022
    • shroud ring with fitting parts 513-508
    • plain bearing with bearing bush 517-055
    • sealing cover turbine side 517-064
    • end cover turbine side 517-067
    • stud bolt 517-069
    • hexagon nut 517-094
    • locating bearing 517-075
    • end cover compr. side 517-084
    • sealing cover compr. side 517-086
    • labyrinth disc compr. side 517-089
    • set of gasket compl. 517-gasket set
    • dowel pin 517-080
    • insert piece 540-001
    • round seal ring 540-015
    • cover 501-143
    • hexagon bolt 501-039
    • tab washer 501-045
    • air intake socket 546-060
    • speed transmitter 562-040

In order to minimize delivery times we are keeping several critical spare parts in stock. Furthermore, we are mainaining an exchange service for spare parts.

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We are storing spare parts and take care of the entire supply chain to your local agent even on short notice. Moreover, we are maintaining a spare part exchange system.

Industrial Plants


  • built-up welding of exhaust, valves and seats
  • MIG / MAG
  • WIG
  • electrode and gas welding
  • hardfacing


  • renewal of steel work, e.g. stairs, gangways, etc.
  • customized metal construction

Repair and installation works

  • e.g. technical assets of concrete factories